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14.11.2013, 22:25

copyright-content soon be gone?

remove copyright content?

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Since Cute Hero is in a time trap until now, I thought about changing something, since our priority was on another game.
You might be confused to read this now but:
What do you think about putting diamonds back to the game and make progress again?
The result would be to remove copyright content and save the diamonds for new graphics.
Pets from animes would be etracted and outfits, too. But there would be payback for those, who own the old copyright graphics.

I'd like to continue Cute Hero with progress which is decided by official polls and something but everything that needs graphics would need a lot of time because no graphicer works for free yet.

What do you think about this suggestion?

Anti Magus Lazuchi



16.11.2013, 17:51

Just throwing out some ideas in relation to your announcement.

I think Diamonds should be used for high end quality stuff (better than that you can buy with relics) and be an uncommon or even rare drop from boss creatures, much in the same way relics are an uncommon drop.

If by progress you mean that areas beyond the Desert Town exist, sure, I can get behind that. I think milling around the Desert Town to level up beyond Level 50 is tedious? I won't know since I haven't got that far but I imagine that it is.

As I see it, copyright/anime items are really useful in only one way and that is to boost the five stats that hug the top menu bar, especially agility. While copyright-type items can be removed, items related to boosting agility (which really should have increased along with the other stats per level, but for many of the higher leveled players, like myself, it's pointless to implement the agility stat auto-increase now) should be put in.

Also, if you don't mind me saying it...

Chat should be taken away from the game outright (I know this is where I'll get a lot of flak for saying it (again)), because we all know and have seen what becomes of it. If people want to talk, there's a message board here. If they can't understand German when it comes to registering? All they need is a translated guide that can be seen from the board's index. I don't understand German but managed to make it this far through guesswork. Though, in a compromise, the Guild part of the chat could probably remain so that Guild members can communicate real-time for Guild quests and stuff.


17.11.2013, 05:02

Sorry, I think you don't have a clue at all about this subject. You've come into a game that had a lot of work put into it by many people. Some things were done for the cutesy factor that were Copyrighted but made running the game profitably impractical or illegal. You started after the old system was eliminated.

Diamonds are bought with RL money and are how the game was originally funded. Not everything in this world is unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies. Money doesn't grow on trees. Bills need to be paid, such as artists and programmers. Pfote is not looking to make money off this game like Xrth was. She is just trying to cover expenses. So unless you are volunteering to pay for things, please get real. Diamonds will not drop. Distinct weapon sets are what you PAY for. High end items will be diamonds, medium relics, and low end gold. This is reality and how things work. A lot of people hate the advantage this gives paying players, but life isn't fair and games need to be funded.

Players are given up because they don't see new zones, probably less than 50 people still play. To expand, as Pfote says, she needs a graphics person. The issue is strictly COPYRIGHTED content. That means that there are several weapon skins and special outfits that DO NOT fall into this category. So boost items will be affected by this only if they are copyrighted. As Pfote mentioned, only Copyrighted content needs to be removed so that she can return to the old diamond/ payment system.

As for the chats. Of course you are going to catch crap as there is not even a reason to bring it up. That wasn't even a question here. The reason you are even saying that is that you generally do not do well in the chat and catch crap there. I've seen several people question you for spamming there and mock things you say. Yes, I'm one of them but even new and infrequent players have. The chat used to help keep players interested and involved. Not everyone will plug away at a game waiting for everyone else to quit so they can brag about reaching #1 like you have said you are doing. The forums just need to have the English language option enabled again. This was overlooked in the move to the new location. I'm sure Pfote can find people to help. And it isn't that hard to use a translator program to figure it out.

Anti Magus Lazuchi



17.11.2013, 11:51

Hey, I'm only throwing the ideas out there, doesn't mean they're gonna be latched onto.

I know you hate me so much just from the moments when I wasn't allegedly spamming. Unfortunately, while you can perform all the belittling against me that you possibly can, it's not going to make me go anywhere.



you generally do not do well in the chat
Because you've shown that you won't even let me try. Never mind anyone else, the one and only person I have a problem with is you, because somehow I incurred your wrath months back for when I showed surprise at the English version returning when I wasn't even aware nor had I known how long it had been back for.


The chat used to help keep players interested and involved.
Except that the chat makes the game look like it's simply for a group of friends (that I've had to self-exclude myself from simply to avoid incurring your wrath over even positive contributions or questions about features I'm unsure of) and if there's a new member or a long timer who has been silent, they couldn't feel more unwelcome in such a place. Doesn't help you call people idiots when they've not even entered a single line of dialogue into the chat and have no idea what they've done to deserve being called such. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about the times it doesn't move and we're treated to the same text wall for days at a time.

Ugh, this entire mutual hate is annoying...


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17.11.2013, 23:30

@Pfote, I think that returning the diamonds would be a good move in bringing the game back. I probably wouldnt buy any though, because i quit my job a few months ago and went on a spending frenzy. I would be one to support the game though because I miss the old CH. Ive been here since day 1 and watching everything go downhill so fast was very painful. If bringing the diamonds back would get everything back to the way it was, then i say go for it. As for the copyrighted content, i wasnt a big fan of it in the first place. And since most of it could be bought with relics, i wouldnt consider it a big issue. But because it does take a while to collect runes, there should be a kind of trade. Give back the copyrighted content and you get a full refund.
But just to sum everything up, and to answer Pfotes question, in my opinion, bringing diamonds back will help the game progress as well as removing the copyrighted content. And if you need help getting a free graphic artist, I would be happy to help or my sister Cho (ingame name).

@Anti Magus and @Sister Kirika, Not to be disrespectful or rude, but I would appreciate if arguments could stay out of the public eye. Period. I dont know whats been going on, as i havent been active for weeks, but i think all of us on here are 13+ years of age and know when to behave. Im not trying to act like a mod or admin, but drama is very unnecessary, especially if its out there for others to read. And like Anti Magus said, if you want to talk, theres a message board for that, which is where you should solve any complaints or fights with other players. I've seen a lot of drama on here, and its getting old. I am for and against the removal of the chat. Yes, its where the community can talk and come together, but that is also where some players dominate, and give it an intimidating atmosphere for new players and rather shy players (me). But whatever happens happens. And this is a bit off topic. The thread was meant to answer Pfotes question, and its being sidestepped due to the bickering.

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18.11.2013, 10:34

Yes please do get rid of the copyrighted content. It would be nice to see the game start to move forward again and not be trapped in time like it has been. (Even though I lurk most of the time)



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18.11.2013, 12:52

I supposed dropping the copyrighted stuff and replacing it with new things, along with adding more zones, monsters, etc. would help get the game to start over in a sense, which would likely bring more people back. So, as much as I don't like the idea of taking something away, I'd rather we lose a little bit and hopefully gain more later on.


20.11.2013, 00:33

@Anti How the heck do you think this game will stay afloat if diamonds just dropped? As Dragon said, costs have to be covered and as players who still enjoy coming back, they'd probably spend more if new content is added and the only way to do that is through....yep money. Gotta spend money to make money, yo. Fact of life. And as far as 'removing' chat. It'd be better if there was a hide chat feature rather than removing it entirely. Like anyone wants to make a dozen trips to get from the actual game to a chat room somewhere else.
@Dragon Ease up would you? There's better ways of going about these things -3-
@Kumiko That entire paragraph you wrote is one giant contradiction as you are simply contributing to what you are speaking out against. Anti was the first to step out of turn, which means Dragon (as a member of this community) had the rights to step in and rebuttal Anti, as is how general debating (arguing, however you want to coat it) is done. Now if Anti stayed on topic, I highly doubt Dragon would have said anything towards him. Just as how Dragon managed to stay on topic and debunk Anti's statements, you do the same with theirs and I to you. It's a cycle that will only end when general consensus is met and hopefully that'll be the end of it as this is just a discussion on outfits, not the actual game development, which is what the ideas section in forum is for (suggestion they take their childish behavior there would have been simplier).

As for the costumes...


Remove them. I protested against them since day one and I really mean day one back when Xrth first revealed the Miku outfit to me back in closed beta days. Told him copyrighted outfits were bad, told him not to add them...great that he didn't...for the while until he needed money so badly he threw them in anyways cause anime is what sells. The originality of the game was lost once those went into the market. I will start putting money into this game again when those are removed so the game can further progress for the better.

Rooting for this game till the end.
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23.12.2013, 07:35

I don't have much input to give except that my friends have worked hard on this game and I used to have a lot of people to talk to here. It used to be fun and booming. I think you could bring some people back with new costumes and by removing the copyrighted ones. I want to see this game work for all of my friends' efforts.. However.. My feeling for this game have soured and I've become bitter towards it because of the last owner. I don't want anyone to get ripped off again for making real money deals or buying diamonds.. I know I have had bad experiences here.. And I know others who have left due to old management.. Perhaps simply removing copyright costumes and adding new ones will not help at all. The game has left me with bad thoughts and feelings.. Like the aftertaste of brushing your teeth the drinking orange juice. So yes, I have a negative view and I'm still here.. Perhaps I am a jerk to people and try to get them to leave.. But I think diamonds are a bad idea.. Or at least please don't offer special deals for customs. Thanks.

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13.04.2014, 09:06

well, figured i'd make a bump post since the topic is still relevant and needs to be either further discussed if nothing is yet being done. else if this is supposed to be implemented by now it needs to finish up.

its great that copyrighted stuff can no longer be purchased in the stores, however just by looking at the top ranking players its easy to still see numerous copyrighted stuff in their possession. happy the flying cat, naruto costumes, bleach/shinigami costumes (identical btw not just similar) the bleach sword (ichigos original shikai), blair-cat from soul eater,that little floating animal (i forget his name) from card capture sakura (yup even such an old show has its content here) madoka bow+costume+hair, and etc etc.

if the decision has been made to remove that content from game, it really should have been done all at once over the course of a few days. then expanding the new content can be focused on. holding events to replenish content wouldnt be a bad idea either, its easter again after all and im sure the few players still here would love another chance at getting their hands on an easter bird (especially me after my character died) and re-implementing the fire-bunny boss drop would fit the season too.

people shouldnt take only half measures after consulting the public for advice, either dont take it on or act on it, dont pause indefinitely half-way. i've known of potential game content that is now 2 years old, al because the game stalled and so it has yet to make an appearance. however that same content could bring in money for the new management once all copyright stuff is gone, which is win-win as they need the cash to bring back the game ^^ and to fix its many faults too ;P

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