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23.09.2012, 19:47

Forum Rules

Every user round here is requested to obey some rules. Not following these rules could lead to a warning or even a bann!
remind every user to follow the rules, in case they havent seen them
yet. "Not knowing it does not prevent from punishment." Just cause a
user hasent read the rules yest does not mean he/she has not to follow

Now for the long awaited, offical forum rules.

"Cute Hero Froum Rules"

By taking place in the community, you declare to accept the following rules, which we aquired to enable a nice atmo round here.

§1 Nettiquette

beeing friendly towards other players, you provide a nice atmosphere
and will be rewarded with kindness and cooperativness towards yourself.
other players is strictly prohibited! NO user is allowed to insult or
threaten other players. This includes the spreading of racism and/or
national socialistic comments, to agitate or bullying towards users.
abet other players to acts of violence and/or criminal acts,
advertising for radical, extremistic or terroristic actions or such that
glorify violence are strictly forbidden!!!
Furthermore it is
forbidden to clear quarrels in the mainchat. If a quarrel between two or
more players evolvs in a way not fit for the mainchat, please use PMs
or the forumchat or other ways, like Skype, ICQ or something similar to
clear the situation.

§2 Privat informations about Users

right of residence is the highest value towards us. The sharing of
private data or infos about others players is strictly forbidden. This
includes RL Names, IPs, contact data or photographies and so on. It is
only allowed if the said user agrees to it.

§3 Accounts

user is allowed to have accounts at CH. "Twink" or doubble accounts are
not forbidden but every user is requested to mark a twink as such, so
everyone can see to which mainaccount it belongs.
There is nothing
like deleting of a user. In the case of a user wishes to quit playingm
there is the possibility to become complette inactive on CH. Because of
this, please refrain from requests to delete a user completly.
case of a sanction, the affected user will be forbidden to create
another account. If he/she does non the less and gets found out, all
accounts of said user will be blocked.

§4 Creation of articles

language inside this forum is english and because of that, we like to
ask every user to use most proper english when creating a new article
and no "l33t"-speak or slang. Please try to keep your articles readable. We dont ask for 100% error free articles but if they are hard to understand, maybe there will be no answers. You can use the preview function to check your articles in advance.

Doubel posting or posting articles which are senseless, bothersome or are not related to a certain topic are seen as "spam". Please refrain from posting such articles. Otherwise we will delete them.

Inside the trade channel it is allowed to push a article more then once a day. Everything else will be seen as spam.

We think of it as rude if someone writes only in CapsLock (BIG LETTERS LIKE THIS) because on the internet this is like shouting/screaming. One or two words are ok though. Please refrain also from overusing smilies, question marks or exclamation marks.

No doubel or ore posts. You can use the edit function if you want to change or add something on your articles.

In case a mod adds hints or comments to your articles it is forbidden to delete them. This counts as administrative or moderative note. Dont discuss them in the mainchat please.

§5 Creation of Threads

If you are going to open a thread, please make sure there isnt allready a thread with the same content. The best way to determine that is to use the search function. If that case happens, just use the thread that allready exist to post your concern.

If you want to open a thread,first please make sure that you are in the correct sub-forum. If you are not sure which is it, just ask a mod, normaly they can answer your question.
How you name your thread is very important for its findability and relevance for other user. So please make sure your thread name is meanigfull, so everyone can see clearly what your thread is about. This will work out positive for answers and is off help for other members which have the same intention to find allready existing threads easier.

§6 Advertising and Links

As advertising we define the posting of a link which leads to a commercial website, unless links which are usefull/can be usefull for the thread.
Otherwise we do not put up with advertising in any form, may it be in threads, your signature, your profile or even your nicknames. Also links that are part of a picture (exept as a reference) will be seen as advertising.
Exeptionally reflinks (links to websites where you have to register yourself and recruit new members) or thievlinks (links wich gave the user some weird points or something like this after clicking on them) are forbidden here.

§7 Cracks, Serials, P2P or Warenz Sites

We dont allow to offer cracks or serials here. Please also refrain from discussing P2P or Warenz sites here.

§8 Avatars and Signatures

The max size for avatars here is 150x150 pixel with max 125 kb. Bigger avatars will normaly be adapted automaticly.
The size of an signature here is normaly 600x200 pixel with a max of 1020 kb. This arrangement is made for two reasons, first to ensure a optimal display of the site and to guarantee that even members with a low band witdh can enjoy CH without losings.
Music or any other sound is not allowed to be part of a signature.

Any avatar or signature is bound to the nettiquette. No insulting, racism, sexicm, mobbing, agitating or things like that in a avatar or signature or any panels used for it.
Abetment/requesting of violence, delicts, advertising for radical, extremist or terrorist actions or the gloryfication/belittlement of violence are strictly forbidden.

§9 Miscellaneous

The trade with in-game items and/or accounts for real live money is strictly forbidden and will lead to a warning and finally a permanent bann if the warnings will be ignored.

§10 RPG Rules

All rpg´s inside the forum must be, without exeptions, be rated +12, which means no exessive use of violence or cs-sex.

Warning System

0 -1 Point: general warning (for all kinds of small "delicts") - Period till it runs out: 24 hours
3 Points: Single pic/-thread/useless or double thread - Period till it runs out: 2 weeks
5 Points: a personal assault - Period till it runs out: 2 weeks
5 Points: Signature that goes against the rules - Period till it runs out: 3 weeks
10 Points: Trolling, flaming, homophobia, racism, sexism - Period till it runs out: 2 month
10 Points: Spamming - Period till it runs out: 1 month
15 Points: Agitation again the admins - Period until it runs out: 2 month
15 Points: Pornography _ Period till it runs out: 3 month
15 Points: Hacking and piracy posting - Period till it runs out: 3 month
30 Points: Adds for other games and ref-links - Period until it runs out: none

15 Points: 24 hours lasting bann
30 Points: 2 weeks lasting bann
50 Points: permban
"Es kommt nicht darauf an ob du ein Spiel gewinnst oder verlierst, sondern einzig und allein darauf wie du es spielst."

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