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06.04.2012, 17:28

Guide to Cute Hero {English Edition}

Welcome to Cute Heroes

This is just a simple guide [German Version Here] of some key points you should all familiarize yourself with.

Above is your header, what you will see when you first log in, and I will take you step by step as to what they are and what they can be used for:

Point 1:
This is the main page or your profile, where you see your character at any time and you can equip items such as weapons and clothing.
You can also view your name, guild, rank, and HP, among which are fitted directly to your items. On the right you find an identical window with the things that you have not equipped.
-> You click on such an item (such as the hair) will open a new window where you see both the values ​​of the object, as well as a button with a number in it. This is a recolour of Cute Hero.

You heard me right! You can select at will any of the colors and recolor for a low price diamonds, this goes for weapons, clothing, eyes and hair.
Under the inventory and the equipment is fitted, the experience bar that fills up gradually with EXP once you've completed a mission or have completed a hunt.
Point 2:

Here is where you will spend most of your time in Cute Hero, because THIS is key to leveling up and obtaining gold.
With each level up: a new mission and new monsters will cross your path.
Once you have defeated one of these monsters ( can be found on the map), you can start hunting them for 1-5 hours to 12 and 24 hours.
On the map, you simply click on just this guy:

First, the field will be left of him still be empty, but after your first successful win you can go with him to hunt monsters that give both EXP and gold brings in. It should be noted, however, that every hour is counted. Provide it to, say, 3 hours, so you can break even, if available, for example, only 2 hours on the clock, then you will get the reward of an hour, hour and a half already chasing you, it still just an hour will be rewarded.

The shop...ah you gotta love the shops because this is where you buy everything from weapons to eyes and hair. The Premium shop is where you buy top notch items like costumes and weapons with special attributes such as +20 strength. These prem items cost relics as well as diamonds.

This is the arena: PVP or player vs. player.

Point 3:
This is built as a team, you can then have activate Guild members donate to the guild to gain bonus gold and EXP. Here are some key icons for the guild:

Allows you to add more members to your guild for a price of gold and relics

Store your gold and relics for assistance
You can change leaders, kick members, set an assistant, and accept new applicants.

Point 4:
Use this to view who is online

Point 5:
Here you can buy diamonds, relics, or exchange them for combat use your points to recharge.

Point 6
This is a basic help if you wanna know how to exactly gain gold and etc.

Point 7

THE FORUM!!!! This is where updates and news are announced. You can go there to complain about a bug, discuss what you love, and just be a bit more social than you are in the game. There is an English and German forum on the same page. If you find that annoying [i love it <3] go to the settings and uncheck the german forum as a whole.

Point 8
Log out...why would you want to do that anyways? It'll just log you out an awesome game...shame on you if you ever use this!!

Point 9
Your mail box, pm, battle reports, hunts etc are there. <---should pop up when you have new mail and all unread mail is in bold text.

Point 10
This would be stamina at your disposal for attacking various monsters on the map.They regenerate every 7 minutes and have a limit on200th If they are empty, you can recharge it with diamonds (point 5).
Point 11
This is battle points, which is what you use to attack other players (point 2).
Point 12
Stamina and just like the Monster Battle Point they load them every 7 minutes. Each point will be subtracted you as soon as you accept a mission. The prices for them are different, however, will therefore always appear first in a small preview window. You should keep an eye on your stamina, you will not be able to accept missions if it is too low.
Point 13
You earn gold by doing hunts/missions/pvp etc. You can use these in the shop to buy items, and it is essential in the guild (point 3).

Point 14:
Relics: Can be used to change color for prem items from shop. These can be found occasionally from missions and fighting monsters.

Point 15:
And the best feature of the entire game! DIAMONDS. Why are these green shiny gems so important? How else are you going to buy awesome gear?!

Status Attributes

Agility -> Ctitical and evasion
Heal -> You get +1 Heal longer works if your Heal rune
Spell dmg> Does all others rune abilities

Any more questions about the game? It really doesn't hurt to ask your fellow players. Don't be shy...socialize! *gets shot for lame joke* Furthermore, there are also available moderators who are here to serve you, but please only if there really no one else creates a question to answer, since they usually have to do much.

Thank you for reading and from the Chibi Hero Team we hope you enjoy your stay.
And when the red moon rises, the wolves shall howl their eternal song
Darkness will fall and all shall perish by the hand of the Reaper
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20.04.2012, 19:06

And as an addendum, many of you are asking how do I get a bolded name like those really cool players. Well you need to become a moderator for your name to be bolded. How you may ask? By being nice for starters. Moderators are chosen from active players. Those showing an interest in the game and who have proven that they deal well with others and are helpful may be chosen to join this unique group. The positions are earned and not given out lightly.
So read the game rules and listen to what your mods have to say.

And for those wondering, the private messaging system now has a minimum level as well for sending messages. The forum system does not once you complete your registration. Registration is completed by using your ingame name and password to log in.


21.04.2012, 14:55

Quick update:

All gold bought items only need gold to recolor

All premium items need diamonds relics to recolor
And when the red moon rises, the wolves shall howl their eternal song
Darkness will fall and all shall perish by the hand of the Reaper
Sig by Lily-Chan

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